Meet Greta

Greta, the massage therapist at Pearl River Bodywork.Welcome! I am a 2014 graduate of East-West Healing Arts Institute (Madison, WI) and the owner of Pearl River Bodywork. For 10+ years, I have worked with clients both for relaxation and therapeutic pain relief. I like listening to clients, finding how I can best help them, and tailoring each massage to their needs.

The modalities in which I have been trained include tui na (Chinese medical massage), cupping, acupressure, and Swedish massage. I have also received training in a multitude of supplementary techniques: gua sha, deep tissue, myofascial, craniosacral, sports massage, Thai massage, chai qiao, moxibustion, Zen shiatsu, and foot reflexology. I believe in the importance of educating clients to help themselves heal and instructing them in the use of acupressure points, correct posture, and proper hydration.

It’s easy to tell I love working with my hands: I had earned my bachelor’s in sculpture at UW-Green Bay (2009) before embarking on my career in massage therapy, and my ability to palpate—to know and to shape simply by touch—carried me from making art to making people feel better. One might also say that my training began long before East-West. For most of my childhood and adolescent life, I gave backrubs to friends and family, and I always loved the joy and healing they brought. Seeing the results of my hard work is another reason I love what I do: Not only am I working with my hands, but I am facilitating healing for others in ways that continuously surprise me.

I welcome you as a client and look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.

In health and relaxation,
Greta J. Tang, LMT, CCT